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Working with Frameworks

If you are working with a Javascript framework, chances are good that you will need to make some changes in order to improve accessibility. Since any number of frameworks can be in use at Stanford, this page simply offers a collection of accessibility resources for a range of frameworks. Please feel free to submit additions and/or updates.

When using a framework, you will want to take special care to conduct Screen Reader Testing.

If you make accessibility improvements about which you are confident, please help by contributing them to the framework so that those beyond the Stanford community can benefit from your efforts.

This article, Notes On Client-Rendered Accessibility, from Smashing Magazine offers a helpful overview of common accessibility issues (not just for screen reader users) that using a framework can raise.





If you search for "accessible jQuery" and/or "accessibility and jQuery," you are likely to find a number of articles and useful examples. Here is a set of Accessible jQuery UI Components to get you started. This resource is helpful when adapting any JavaScript widget as it outlines the requirements for each quite clearly.

Also, although JQuery Mobile is not perfect, there are definite efforts to incorporate accessibility. For more, see: jQuery Mobile Progressive Enhancement with HTML5.


See rackt-react-a11y (on Github).

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June 8, 2015