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Here, you will find a collection of pattern libraries that focus on accessibility. Many, but not all, of them pertain to WAI-ARIA.

Often, links will take you directly to Git repositories that contain code hosted by individuals. As usual, please be sure to test any patterns that may seem to suit your needs since the accessibility landscape (like the general technology landscape) is constantly evolving and improving.


Note that some of these libraries contain ARIA examples, but that subject is not the primary focus.

The Web Accessibility Initiative has created a set of tutorials. At this time, topics include:

  • Page structure
  • Menus
  • Images
  • Tables
  • Forms
  • Carousels

Note that additional tutorials may be added, and some of these tutorials have been cited on relevant pages on the SOAP site.

The WordPress community, via Make WordPress Accessible has begun to develop a WordPress Pattern Library to help those who are developing themes. Also note themes tagged with Accessible-Ready.

SSB Bart Group#39's Web Accessibility - Best Practices gives an overview of what is necessary when considering a range of WCAG 2.0 issues. It is designed to work alongside the company's enterprise AMP tool, however, so this reference should be viewed as a starting point.

The Government of Canada hosts the Web Experience Toolkit. The concepts illustrated by the wealth of Working Examples will be instructive.

ARIA-Focused Pattern Libraries

This article from Creative Bloq offers 5 HTML5 and ARIA design patterns. It is an easy place to get started.

The following list of ARIA-related pattern libraries is in alphabetical order. Inclusion suggests that the libraries will be maintained, but as you would expect, it will be important to check for recent activity and test before implementing. As browser and assistive technologies continue to improve the end-user experience, ARIA is expected to be refined and improved for all stakeholders, including developers.

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June 5, 2015