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Training and Conferences

Training and Conferences

The following conferences and training programs address web and document accessibility. Any of these events would be valuable to web leaders, content creators, and site developers at Stanford.

Training Sites and Materials

For a quick hands-on, try the Teach Access tutorial.

Because it may be difficult for everyone on a team who needs to know about accessibility to attend conferences or local training sessions, here are references that can offer at least a quick overview of some web accessibility issues.

There are two sites that offer "before and after" scenarios, so, if you already know a bit about accessibility, you can visit these sites to test your knowledge:

The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), part of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), has developed a "Before and After Demonstration." Start with the Before and After Demonstration Overview.

The Accessible University overview page explains that you can see a "mock" inaccessible site, a site where the issues have been fixed, and a third page that lists the problems that visitors with disabilities would encounter.

You'll be able to see code and explanations so you can learn how and why changes were made. Use your imagination, put yourself in the shoes of a range of site visitors with different access needs, and have fun!

If you have opportunities to develop web accessibility training materials for your colleagues, WAI provides a suite of training documents that includes course outlines for workshops of various lengths. Consulting Developing Web Accessibility Presentations and Training can save a good deal of preparation time.

Here are some examples of training available from third-party vendors. Some training (such as one-hour webinars) is free, though you typically have to register in advance. Other training may require a subscription, or a one-time payment, and sometimes, training is tied to a particular vendor's product. Please make your selections with care, and take advantage of, or organize, group training opportunities whenever possible.

To learn more about Deque, visit:

SSB Bart Group's offerings include:

Accessibility-Related Courses on

Members of the Stanford community have access to courses free of charge, using a SUNet id to login. Read more about how this excellent service works by visiting:

Since new Lynda courses are launched regularly, what is included here is a snapshot in time. If you have recommendations for additions, or updates, please Contact us.

Consider bookmarking Learn Accessibility with Video Courses and Tutorials from Perhaps this listing will grow, and you may find visiting the page on becomes the most up-to-date source on this subject.

Here are several courses with an accessibility-specific focus:

Other courses touch on accessibility, while covering general concepts:


Accessing Higher Ground (Accessible Media, Web and Technology Conference)

This Higher Ed focussed conference is typically held in min-November in Colorado. Topics covered include production of alternate media, legal and policy issues, instructional material and web accessibility training

CSUN Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference

Hosted around March in southern California, this is the largest conference that covers web and document accessibility, a range of assistive technologies, policy development, etc. The conference usually has approximately 4,000 attendees. There are often hands-on preconference workshops that offer web accessibility training. Some main conference presentation videos are posted, but there is no formal virtual track.

WebAIM Two-day Training

This intensive training course is held a few times per year in Logan, Utah. Sometimes, it focuses on basic training, while sometimes, the course covers advanced accessibility techniques. The site provides a course outline. Check the site for current dates.

Knowbility's John Slatin AccessU

AssessU is a training conference in Austin, TX. It has a wide-variety of classes, and often has virtual track options.

ICT Accessibility Testing Symposium

For practitioners of accessibility testing, you can find evaluation methods and strategies at this peer-reviewed symposium.

M-Enabling Summit

A Washington, DC conference dedicated to promoting mobile accessible and assistive applications and services for senior citizens and users of all abilities.


This research focussed Special Interest Group of ACM, SIGACCESS, promotes the interests of professionals working on research and development of computing and information technology to help persons with disabilities.

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February 4, 2020